Our Community Plans are prepared for large areas undergoing new development and help guide the growth of new development in these specific areas.

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About Community Plans

Our Community Plans help guide decisions regarding:

  • location of community facilities
  • transportation networks
  • subdivision of land
  • distribution of densities
  • protection of the natural environment
  • timing and staging of growth
  • land uses and their location

Community plans have no legal status under the Planning Act of Ontario. However, they must conform to our Official Plan and the Region of Waterloo’s Official Plan.

Council adoption

City council adopts Community Plans. They may also be subject to the approval of Region of Waterloo’s Council when they affect matters of provincial or regional significance.

Once the development of the Community Plan area is almost complete, council will then repeal this Community Plan.


We offer the following Community Plans, which include text and maps, for your information:

      Hidden Valley Land Use Master Plan