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Sandbox locations - Alphabetical listing
Street Location Address
Apple Ridge Dr Across from 234 Doon Mills Dr 2 Apple Ridge Dr
Armenian Crt Across from 912 Armenian Crt Armenian Crt
Autumn Hill Cres Beside driveway 16 Autumn Hill Cres
Autumn Hill Cres At School 240 Autumn Hill Cres
Avon Rd At Manchester Rd 139 Avon Rd Avon Rd at Manchester Rd
Balzer Rd Across from Rosen Metal Co Ltd 61 Balzer Rd
Banffshire St At Cranshaw St Across from #65 Banffshire St at Cranshaw St
Barclay Ave Side of house 4 Barclay Ave
Bechtel Dr In front of school 15 Bechtel Dr
Benton St At Charles St In front of sign at church parking lot Benton St at Charles St
Bettina Pl Near stop sign Bettina Pl
Betzner Ave At King St E 5 Betzner Ave
Birchcliff Ave Beside driveway 94 Birchcliff Ave
Bismark Ave At Waterloo St Beside 156 Waterloo St Bismark Ave at Waterloo St
Blackhorne Dr Across the street 219 Blackhorne Dr
Blackhorne Dr Across the street 33 Blackhorne Dr
Blackwell Dr Beside driveway 38 Blackwell Dr
Blucher St Near railway tracks 5 Blucher St
Bonnybank Crt In front of house 26 Bonnybank Crt
Breithaupt Centre At Margaret Ave At entrance outbound Breithaupt Centre at Margaret Ave
Buttonwood Dr Beside driveway 16 Buttonwood Dr
Byron Ave At Harber Ave At Hydro pole near Stop Sign Byron Ave at Harber Ave
Calais Pl Beside hydro pole 8 Calais Pl
Campbell Ave In front of house on blvd 23 Campbell Ave
Carlyle Dr In park entrance beside trail 28 Carlyle Dr
Cartier Dr In front of house 89 Cartier Dr
Carwood Ave At Rockway golf maintenance yard shed - driveway entrance Carwood Ave
Caryndale Dr Across from Robertson Cres 11 Caryndale Dr
Caryndale Dr On Robertson Cres side 14 Caryndale Dr
Cedar St S Beside hydro pole 44 Cedar St S
Chapel Hill Dr In front of house 135 Chapel Hill Dr
Chapel Hill Dr On Evenstone Ave 80 Chapel Hill Dr
Charles St E On Sydney St S - beside Seegmillers 669 Charles St E
Chestnut St At Victoria St N across from #11 by hydro pole 11 Chestnut St
Chicopee Park Crt Beside hydro pole 2 Chicopee Park Crt
Church St Beside hydro pole 110 Church St
Cloverdale Cres In park entrance 36 Cloverdale Cres
Coach Hill Dr In front of house 15 Coach Hill Dr
Cobblestone St In front of house 8 Cobblestone St
Connor St At Cress Ln Beside hydro pole Connor St at Cress Ln
Coral Cres In front of house 26 Coral Cres
Corfield Pl In front of walkway 214 Corfield Pl
Cornell Ave Beside driveway 105 Cornell Ave
Country Hill Dr In front of apartment building 38 Country Hill Dr
Countrystone Pl Place beside Mailbox so it's accessible from s/w and road Countrystone Pl
Courtland Ave E Across the street on Schneiders side 340 Courtland Ave E
Cressman Ave At King St E By mailboxes Cressman Ave at King St E
Dalegrove Dr Beside tree 58 Dalegrove Dr
Denlow St Blvd in front of 83 Brembel St 83 Denlow St
Devonglen Crt On blvd in front of house 6 Devonglen Crt
Devonglen Dr On Sandsprings Cres 120 Devonglen Dr
Devonglen Dr In front of house 151 Devonglen Dr
Dinison Pl In front of house 304 Dinison Pl
Dixon St At Carlin Ave beside crosswalk 235 Dixon St
Dixon St Beside hydro pole 321 Dixon St
Doon Village Rd At corner by stop sign 1419 Doon Village Rd
Doon Village Rd On Millwood Cres 601 Doon Village Rd
Doon Village Rd Beside hydro pole on Doon Village Rd 689 Doon Village Rd
Doon Village Rd At crosswalk 883 Doon Village Rd
Duke St W Across the street 528 Duke St W
Duke St W At Victoria St Near railway tracks Duke St W at Victoria St
Ebydale Dr On left side of driveway 128 Ebydale Dr
Evenstone Ave In front of house 10 Evenstone Ave
Evenstone Ave In front of house 110 Evenstone Ave
Fairmount Rd To the right of driveway at the hydro pole 96 Fairmount Rd
Fallowfield Dr Across the street 10 Fallowfield Dr
Fallowfield Dr Across the street 148 Fallowfield Dr
Farrier Dr On the park side 209 Farrier Dr
Ferdinand Ave At Waterloo St Beside NO EXIT post Ferdinand Ave at Waterloo St
Fischer Crt Across from 30 Fischer Crt Fischer Crt
Fischer Hallman Rd On Greenbrook Dr beside Bus Stop 414 Fischer Hallman Rd
Floyd St At Fairfield Ave By hydro pole on Floyd St Floyd St at Fairfield Ave
Forest Glen Cres On the bend 53 Forest Glen Cres
Forest Hill Dr On Uplands 573 Forest Hill Dr
Forestwood Dr At McGarry Dr 6 Forestwood Dr
Furness Dr Beside driveway 4 Furness Dr
Gallarno Crt Beside driveway 18 Gallarno Crt
Georgian Cres At park entrance 79 Georgian Cres
Gilmore Cres By hydro pole and crosswalk 80 Gilmore Cres
Glasgow St Across the street from Don McLaren Arena 15 Glasgow St
Glen Park Cres Across the street by the tree 147 Glen Park Cres
Gloucester Crt On Stanmore Ave 3 Gloucester Crt
Goodrich Dr Wabanaki Dr (Back Gate) 131 Goodrich Dr
Goodrich Dr Wabanaki Dr (Back Gate) 131 Goodrich Dr
Goodrich Dr Washout Area - Dewatering Area beside fire hose 131 Goodrich Dr
Grand Hill Dr In front of house 64 Grand Hill Dr
Green St Beside Don McLaren Arena Green St
Green Valley Dr Near entrance 15 Green Valley Dr
Green Valley Dr Near driveway 206 Green Valley Dr
Greenbough Cres At hydro pole between #5 and #7 5 Greenbough Cres
Gruhn St Beside gate entrance on boulevard at the bend 42 Gruhn St
Guelph St Across the street 1000 Guelph St
Guelph St At Waterloo St. Beside 184 Waterloo St Guelph St at Waterloo St.
Harcourt Cres In front of house 12 Harcourt Cres
Hazelglen Dr Beside hydro pole 182 Hazelglen Dr
Hearth Cres Beside driveway 26 Hearth Cres
Hearth Cres Beside driveway 93 Hearth Cres
Heiman St On Kehl St 45 Heiman St
Hidden Valley Rd Across street 1018 Hidden Valley Rd
Hidden Valley Rd Across street 333 Hidden Valley Rd
Hidden Valley Rd Beside hydro pole 668 Hidden Valley Rd
Hidden Valley Rd Across street 730 Hidden Valley Rd
Hidden Valley Rd Across street 996 Hidden Valley Rd
Highpark Ave Beside hydro pole 19 Highpark Ave
Hillbrook Cres Beside driveway 43 Hillbrook Cres
Hillmount St Beside hydro pole 44 Hillmount St
Hillsborough Cres In front of house 27 Hillsborough Cres
Hoffman St On blvd across the street from #357 357 Hoffman St
Homer Watson Blvd On Pinnacle Dr just past TSC 2400 Homer Watson Blvd
Homer Watson Blvd At Huron Rd At Homer Watson Museum on Huron Rd Homer Watson Blvd at Huron Rd
Howe Dr In front of house 34 Howe Dr
Huber St & Jansen Ave By stop sign on Huber St Huber St & Jansen Ave
Hurst Ave Beside lane 11 Hurst Ave
Inverness Dr At Aberdeen Rd Westmount golf course Inverness Dr at Aberdeen Rd
Jansen Ave At side of house between blvd trees 137 Jansen Ave
Joseph St Across from Ontario St 25 Joseph St
Kennedy Ave Beside driveway 20 Kennedy Ave
Kennedy Ave In laneway 4 Kennedy Ave
Kimberly Cres In front of house 107 Kimberly Cres
Kimberly Cres In front of house 45 Kimberly Cres
King At Stirling On Stirling at entrance to garage King at Stirling
King St E Back parking lot off Preston St 1405 King St E
King St E On Fairview Ave 680 King St E
King St E On Stirling Ave N 744 King St E
King St W At Wellington St N 638 King St W at Wellington St N 648 King St W at Wellington St N
Kingsway Dr In driveway of Sunbeam Homes 2749 Kingsway Dr
Lanark Cres Beside driveway 27 Lanark Cres
Lancaster St W At the truck turning sign 120 Lancaster St W
Lancaster St W On Guelph St at Bell box 200 Lancaster St W
Lancaster St W Beside convenience store on Arnold St 280 Lancaster St W
Lancaster St W At Wagner Pl 591 Lancaster St W
Lancaster St W At Jones Pl 611 Lancaster St W
Lichty Crt On walkway between 35 and 47 Lichty Crt 35 Lichty Crt
Limerick Dr Beside driveway 85 Limerick Dr
Linwood Ave Mt Hope Cemetery, off of Linwood Ave Linwood Ave
Louisa St On boulevard in front of house 183 Louisa St
Luella St By hydro pole 368 Luella St
Machado St Between #37 and #39  39 Machado St
Madison Ave N At Park on Weber St E 61 Madison Ave N
Madison Ave S On blvd 47 Madison Ave S
Madison Ave S Beside pathway 79 Madison Ave S
Maplewood Pl Beside driveway, in front of house 87 Maplewood Pl
Margaret Ave At Louisa St On Louisa St, Church side 136 Margaret Ave at Louisa St
Marigold Crt Across from 905 Marigold Crt Marigold Crt
Marina Rd At Duchess Ave Left side at beginning of lane Marina Rd at Duchess Ave
Marketa Cres On Smetana Dr 24 Marketa Cres
Marl Meadow Dr Beside 174 Marl Meadow Dr in empty lot 174 Marl Meadow Dr
Matthew St On blvd across from open area 113 Matthew St
Maurice St Beside driveway 27 Maurice St
Mausser Ave On blvd beside 607 Stirling Ave S 248 Mausser Ave
Mcgarry Dr At Westheights Dr 250 McGarry Dr
Meadow Woods Cres Beside light pole 44 Meadow Woods Cres
Mill Park Dr On blvd near Old Mill Rd 488 Mill Park Dr
Mill St On Woodland Ave beside light pole 197 Mill St
Mill St At Courtland Ave E On Mill St Mill St at Courtland Ave E
Millwood Cres In front of house 193 Millwood Cres
Moore Ave Laneway next to McDonald's driveway on Moore Ave 21 Moore Ave
Morgan Ave Beside hydro pole 141 Morgan Ave
Morgan Ave On Pepperwood Cres by stop sign 214 Morgan Ave
Morgan Ave Beside driveway 95 Morgan Ave
Morrison Rd Beside driveway 7 Morrison Rd
Murrayhill Crt In front of house 19 Murrayhill Crt
Nichole Cres By mailboxes 88 Nichole Cres
North Hill Pl Beside hydro pole 109 North Hill Pl
North Hill Pl At Scenic Dr On Scenic Dr in front of stop sign North Hill Pl at Scenic Dr
Northbrook Pl On Old Huron Rd 501 Northbrook Pl
Northmanor Cres On boulevard in front of house 153 Northmanor Cres
Old Chicopee Tr Place across the street 284 Old Chicopee Tr
Old Chicoppe Tr At Fairway Rd N Halfway up hill on Old Chicopee Trail Old Chicoppe Tr at Fairway Rd N
Oregon Dr Last house at lane 23 Oregon Dr
Overlea Dr At Westmount Rd W 11 Overlea Dr
Overlea Dr Beside driveway 177 Overlea Dr
Pandora Ave  On blvd at 233 Pandora Cres 233 Pandora Ave
Pinedale Dr At Williamsburg Rd near stop sign 131 Pinedale Dr
Pinnacle Dr By first entrance 389 Pinnacle Dr
Pinnacle Dr At the crosswalk 422 Pinnacle Dr
Pioneer Tower Rd At Baxter Pl Beside #11 at hydro pole Pioneer Tower Rd at Baxter Pl
Plymouth Rd Across the street 12 Plymouth Rd
Primrose Path Across from 117 Martinglen Cres 5 Primrose Path
Queen St S Beside parking lot 103 Queen St S
Queen St S On St George St - beside apt parking lot 221 Queen St S
Queen St S On David St across from underground parking entrance 310 Queen St S
Queens Blvd On Spadina Rd E by bus shelter 871 Queens Blvd
Queens Blvd On Pleasant Ave 929 Queens Blvd
Raitar Ave Beside Hydro plow 14 Raitar Ave
Reidel Dr At Stauffer Dr At bend Reidel Dr at Stauffer Dr
Ripplewood Cres Beside driveway 147 Ripplewood Cres
River Bank Dr At King St E Near railway tracks (on Honda side) River Bank Dr at King St E
Riverbend Dr In driveway for Pumping Station 365 Riverbend Dr
Rockway Dr At walkway 624 Rockway Dr
Roos St Beside 1774 Old Mill Rd 50 Roos St
Roos St Beside driveway 50 Roos St
Rose St By hydro pole 21 Rose St
Roseneath Cres Beside crosswalk 76 Roseneath Cres
Rossford Cres At the side of house 93 Rossford Cres
Rothsay Ave Across from 101 Rothsay Ave at pedestrian bridge Rothsay Ave
Ruskview Dr At Greenbrook Dr 180 Ruskview Dr
Russel St On blvd behind church parking lot 61 Russel St
Sabrina Cres At side of house - Across from #11 24 Sabrina Cres
Sandsprings Crt Between #6 and #12 Sandsprings Crt 6 Sandsprings Crt
Sandwell Crt Beside driveway 14 Sandwell Crt
Sasaga Dr On Sasaga Dr beside 299 Manitou Dr 45 Sasaga Dr
Scott St In laneway at Scott St 91 Scott St
Settlers Crt In front of house 104 Settlers Crt
Shanley St Open Area - beside 10 Shanley St 10 Shanley St
Shanley St At Waterloo St Beside 93 Waterloo St 106 Shanley St at Waterloo St
Shirk Pl At the bend near 38 Shirk Pl Shirk Pl
Siebert Ave In front of Unit #6 175 Siebert Ave
Silver Aspen Cres Beside hydro pole 163 Silver Aspen Cres
Silver Aspen Cres Beside driveway 55 Silver Aspen Cres
Sims Estate Pl At Sims Estate Dr Sims Estate Pl
Smetana Dr At pathway 2 Smetana Dr
Southwood Cres In front of house 270 Southwood Cres
Southwood Crt In front of house 4 Southwood Crt
Southwood Dr In front of house 24 Southwood Dr
Springdale Dr At Lang Cres 3 Springdale Dr
Springdale Dr Beside driveway for #37 37 Springdale Dr
St George St Across the street 128 St George St
St George St By stop sign 85 St George St
St Ledger At Blucher St Beside 279 Blucher St St Ledger at Blucher St
St Leger At Oakwood Ave On St Leger St, beside hydro pole St Leger at Oakwood Ave
St Vincent St At the park across from #64 St Vincent St
Stafford Ln Across from 16 Stafford Lane 25 Stafford Ln
Stirling Ave S On Mill St 363 Stirling Ave S
Stirling Ave S On Southmoor Dr 787 Stirling Ave S
Stonehenge Pl By hydro pole 19 Stonehenge Pl
Strasburg Rd In front of house 850 Strasburg Rd
Sunrise Pl Beside mailbox 142 Sunrise Pl
Sweetbriar Dr Across the street 207 Sweetbriar Dr
Sydney St S In front of house 311 Sydney St S
Tagge St Across from Schueller St 120 Tagge St
Tami Cres On Denlow St 3 Tami Cres
Thaler Ave Beside driveway 251 Thaler Ave
The Country Way On Old Country Dr 102 The Country Way
The Crestway Across street 127 The Crestway
The Kirksway Near the hydro pole between #17 and #25 17 The Kirksway
Tilt Dr At Doon Mills Dr On Tilt Dr before stop sign Tilt Dr at Doon Mills Dr
Timberlane Cres Across from 94/96 Timberlane Cres 91 Timberlane Cres
Tisdale Crt Beside driveway 6 Tisdale Crt
Topper Woods Cres Beside light pole 552 Topper Woods Cres
Toynbee Cres In front of house 22 Toynbee Cres
Trailview Dr Across the street on park side 10 Trailview Dr
Uplands Dr In park entrance 132 Uplands Dr
Upper Canada Dr In front of house 125 Upper Canada Dr
Upper Canada Dr Across street 231 Upper Canada Dr
Upper Canada Dr Beside hydro pole 4 Upper Canada Dr
Van Horne Pl At Farrier Dr On Van Horne Pl at stop sign Van Horne Pl at Farrier Dr
Veronica Dr In front of house 200 Veronica Dr
Victoria St N On Smetana Dr 1421 Victoria St N
Victoria St N At CN pedestrian bridge next to TA Appliances 932 Victoria St N
Village Rd At walkway 250 Village Rd
Vintage Cres In front of house 7 Vintage Cres
Walton Ave At Bus stop 64 Walton Ave
Wentworth Ave On West Lansdowne Ave beside big tree 175 Wentworth Ave
Westchester Dr On Westchester Pl by stop sign 170 Westchester Dr
Westforest Trail At Victoria St S Beside crosswalk on the Westforest Tr side at traffic lights 3 Westforest Trail at Victoria St S
Westmount Rd E On Greenbrook Dr 204 Westmount Rd E
Wheatfield Cres Beside hydro pole 139 Wheatfield Cres
Wilderness Dr Beside Rogers Pedestal 249 Wilderness Dr
Wilson Ave Top of the hill at entrance to bush 1036 Wilson Ave
Wilson Ave Close to driveways 1082 Wilson Ave
Wilsons Rd In laneway (NOT on Ottawa St) Wilsons Rd
Windom Rd Beside driveway 15 Windom Rd
Windy Ridge Pl Across from 14 Windy Ridge Pl 50 Windy Ridge Pl
Woodcrest Crt On Hill 31 Woodcrest Crt
Woodhaven Rd In front of house 245 Woodhaven Rd
Woolner Trail At pumping station 154 Woolner Trail
Woolwich St  At Hillcrest Ln - Place beside fence between #50 & #56 56 Woolwich St 


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