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Kitchener Utilities Annual Charges Calculation

Kitchener Utilities Supply Rate
Supply Charge
Daily Fixed Charge Variable Delivery Charge Total Gas Charge HST Annual Total

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Important things you should know when using the calculator:

  1. These numbers are an estimate for informational purposes only. There are other factors that affect your total bill that may account for differences between this estimate and the bill you regularly receive from your utility. Always refer to your utility bill for actual usage and totals.
  2. Calculations are based on current natural gas rates and do not take into account future rate adjustments. The timing of rate adjustments may result in differences between the calculator's estimate and your actual bill.
  3. The calculators are not designed to estimate bills for consumers on equal billing plans.
  4. Gas consumption patterns change over the course of the year. Individual usage may vary.
  5. Based on annual consumption of 2,100 m3, the November 1, 2020 rate changes results in an overall bill increase of approximately $10.50 annually.
  6. Calculations are for residential customers or non-contract commercial and industrial customers that consume less than 50,000 m3/year (M1).
  7. Daily fixed charge amount shown is the daily charge multiplied by 365 days.