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Electors who have added themselves to the Voters’ List after September 12th will not receive a Voter Notification Card (VNC). To view your designated voting location please click here.

Our online voter registration is now closed to allow us to create our Voters' List for the election. You can still be added to the Voters' List and vote by completing an "Application to Amend the Voters' List" form at any of our five advanced voting locations on October 10, 11, 12 and 13 or at your home ward poll on Election Day, October 22, 2018. To avoid delays, fill out your Application ahead of time and bring it with you when you go to vote.

Application to Amend the Voters' List

Application for Removal of Deceased Person's Name from Voters' List

If you have any questions regarding the Voters' List, please contact us at 519-741-2200 ext. 8683.

We thank you for your interest in voting!

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