Zoning Bylaw

Kitchener's zoning bylaw establishes and regulates the use of land by implementing the policies of our Official Plan, including:

  • Permitted use of land

  • Height and location of structures

  • Lot size

  • Density of development

  • Parking requirements.

If you would like to amend our zoning bylaw, you must complete a zone change application.

For searches related to a specific property address, you may find it helpful to access zoning information through our interactive online mapping tool. For instructions on how to use this tool, click here.

For more information, please call 519-741-2317.

Zoning By Law 85-1  
      Certification Page
      Index of Amending By-laws
      Table of Contents
      Title Page
      Zoning Grid Key Map Index

      Appendix A - Zoning Grid Schedules
      Appendix B - Property Detail Schedules
      Appendix C - Special Use Provisions for Specific Lands
      Appendix D - Special Regulation Provisions for Specific Lands
      Appendix E - Temporary Use Provisions for Specific Lands
      Appendix F - Holding Provisions for Specific Lands
      Appendix G - Holding Provisions for Services and Roadworks

The city is in the process of conducting a comprehensive review of its zoning bylaw. For more information on this process, please visit www.kitchener.ca/crozby.